SafeHouse - Milwaukee

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Your Safe House in Milwaukee is a popular spy-themed restaurant and night spot. For almost 50 years, Control has provided Crafty Concoctions and Incredible Edibles to hungry agents on R & R. It is secreted behind International Exports Ltd. on Front Street in Milwaukee. Nowhere will you find a sign advertising "Safe House". "Secret agents" find this spy-haven mostly by word-of-mouth. (Remember, you are sworn not to reveal the location!)
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779 N Front St
Milwaukee, WI 53202
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  • Opening hours
  • Sunday 12pm - 1am
  • Monday 5pm - 1am
  • Tuesday 5pm - 1am
  • Wednesday 12pm - 2am
  • Thursday 12pm - 2am
  • Friday 12pm - 3am
  • Saturday 12pm - 3am